What if you could hire the Electric Guitar Lessons

London for your Guitar Music Theory (GMT)?

Obviously you can’t, but you can book local

Electric Guitar Lessons London teachers.


Modern Electric Guitar Lessons For Your GMT


Known GMT school and former Electric sound master brings many years of his amazing Electric Lessons London-expertise to the table. Breaking down metal technique on incorrect fingering and bad picking is a (Electric institute) simple thing to do yet many people struggle with this so implementing Electric Guitar Lessons lick’s techniques to rectify this will put this right and see that you always simplify your approach whenever you practice playing your Electric Guitar. Our skills have come to us over many years of studying multiple metal guitar licks. We feel confident you’ll be happy with your results.

We make our approach very easy as well as fun to master so you progress very rapidly.

What we do offer is GMT instruction by breaking down song structure and our expertise shines through to all the Electric Guitar Lessons London students classes. We uncover natural guitar effects such as harmonics. The approach we use to help you develop is in a class of its own and truly highly beneficial.

Our students our advocates and we want you as one.

-Like an Electric string bend, aka Electric blues?
-Do you have problems with improvisation technique?
-Is your BLUES playing falling short of your expectations?
-Do you want to perfect your GMT site-reading?
-Curious what makes an artist successful?
-Considering to visit an Electric tutor?
-Want to understand exactly what your favourite musician is doing?
-Ready to try and master different styles?

Are we for you?

Just as you are shopping for the right GMT school, we are shopping for the right students and courses. If we’re a good source and vice versa, we look forward to seeing how touched you become when you experience the results we can bring to your playing.


Our methods will help you progress!


Who We Are

imi Hendrix

Taught Rock Metal and Heavy Metal for many years on
Electric as a Electric Guitar Lessons London teacher and
Electric advanced private tutor

Expert in harmony GMT, private GMT, chord
progressions, beginner scales, Electric whammy
 bar, Electric wah  and Electric wah crybaby

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